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1.Make an Appointment

Call to make an appointment at our location, or just stop in, whatever is easier.



If the title is held by a bank, loan payoff information will be required.



Driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID for all persons on the title.



Vehicle registration matching all persons on the title.

Expert Appraisal for your Car

Get a Check on The Spot.

No-Hassle No-Haggle dealership!

Market Based Pricing

The Kelley Blue Book℠ Instant Cash Offer is a dependable way to trade in or sell your car today. It's a real offer based on trusted Blue Book® Values.


Here is a memory I wanted to share with you, my wife Patricia and I (she is the beautiful one ;D) took this picture in a glorious morning during the fall, with our new addition to the family, baby Bella—my heart melts just by looking at it—words can barely describe how I feel

CarVision is proud to be independently owned & operated by the Husband & Wife team, Cafiero. CarVision started small with about 20 cars on the lot, and since day one, we have been working with a passion to innovate and offer the best quality vehicles at the best possible price by moving any inventory older than 30 days. Today, our inventory grew, but our customer service standards remain that of a smaller, husband and wife dealership. Each car that goes out our doors, goes with a customer whose name we’ll remember, because we didn’t sell them a car, we created a friendship with that person.

A Message From Dean,

From 20 Cars in the Lot to….50,000 Cars Later!

Feeling of Wholeness

Yesterday, walking into our Five-Star-Award-WinningDealership, I had a similar feeling of wholeness; looking back at all these years of hard work – I realized that an extension of my family is here as well.

From our expert qualified technicians to our consultants, we want to make every person that walks through the door, to feel welcome, special, at home. Removing the fear of buying a car, with all the facts upfront and all the tools necessary to have the best experience possible.

Best Quality and Pricing

Facts up Front

For the past 18 years, since the day we open the doors, we have been working with a passion to innovate and offer the best quality vehicles at the best possible price

So what are you waiting for? Come and stop by now! Worst comes to worst, you say hi , we talk about cars—you do some window shopping—and I treat you to some coffee.

Dean Cafiero,

The Three Items We Need From You

How It Works

2. Get an Appraisal

Visit our Dealer so we can verify your car's features & condition.

3. Get Cash!

Use your offer to trade in your car or let the us buy it for ca$h!

Thank You for 20 Great Years

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 Address: 2626 W Ridge Pike Norristown, PA 19403
 Phone: 484-851-9076
 Email: Sales@CarVision.com

Had a great experience shopping for a car hear. Branden was great to work with, took the time to show me all three cars I was interested in and was great to work with. No push, no hustle -
Jason Sexauer 10/8/16

I had such an easy car buying experience! Within a week of my car being totaled and the world just not being on my side, I came in desperate for a affordable and safe ride and I left with one! Incredibly happy with my experience and am so thankful Alex K. was so patient and attentive to my budget and needs in a vehicle! Thanks again guys :) 

-Kelsey Skye Berry 06/12/16

Matt Markowitz was a great salesman. Got the deal made. I only shop here from now on. very pleased with his service. Check him out. 

Anthoney Stevenson 01/13/17

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